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 Special offer for private landlords or real estate agencies that are interested in a free restructuring of their properties


  1. If you’d like to restructure your property for free for future renting and maintaining its high standards, our company GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC has found the perfect solution for both the landlords as well as the tenants

  2. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC has the proper know-how and experience in property management, both in restructuring and project management, as well as payment guarantees, furnishing houses which include the transport and the fitting of the furniture as well as locating the right tenants for the property

  3. Most of the times, the attempts of hiring a property are either unsuccessful or are concluded with great delays due to the poor aesthetic and functioning standards of the properties to be rented. This is due to the fact that the landlords believe that restructuring a property is extremely costly and there are no alternative solutions for their situation.

  4. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC has found the solution that will make you change your mind without spending a pound and which will allow you to rent the house and maintain the property standards.


  1. If you’re the owner of a house that needs restructuring in order to rent it, you can restructure it for free (we’re the only company in London that provides this service), regardless of the amount that needs to be spent.
  2. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC will restructure your house free of charge (all included) with payment in gradual rent repayment rates. We will manage the property, find and select the tenants, guarantee your monthly rent payments by the tenants and furnish and maintain the property’s high standards until the end of the contract.
  3. GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC will make sure that both the needs of the landlords as well as the tenants will be taken under consideration, everything will be done with the landlord’s agreement throughout the whole contract, including the owner’s preferences in terms of furniture and other details.
  4. There’s no time waste for the landlord as, per request, GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC can supply finishing materials such as tiles, wooden floors, the sanitary installation, taps etc. We can be the perfect middleman between the landlords and tenants and make sure that with good communication between parties, there is no need of the landlord’s presence if that is not an option during the project.
  5. Time efficiency for the landlord in locating and signing the perfect tenant
  6. There is no commission for the real estate agency or our company for contracts, searching or intermediating.
  7. At the end of the contract, the property will be returned to the landlord in perfect conditions, regardless of the length of the contract or the length of use.


  1. After restructuring, GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC will manage the property for a number of years according to the landlord’s wishes in order to ensure the renting of the property under the best conditions for both the landlord as well as the tenant. We will handle the general maintenance, furnishing as well as locating and selecting the tenants. Our company will therefore guarantee on a contractual bases the monthly payment will be received during the entire agreed period of time.


  1. On the other hand, the tenant will enjoy the comfort of a newly refurbished home, rented in good conditions, furnished according to his expectations, even replacing some of the existing furniture if that is not suitable to its needs. That will ensure that they can rent a newly refurbished house on the same competitive cost as renting an old house. The tenant will benefit our full property maintenance solutions package which includes emergency repairs (ruptured pipes, gas leaks etc.) by our highly skilled teams of plumbers, electricians, carpenters and bricklayers throughout the entire contract with our company.
  2. The tenant can get a flexible 15 day rent repayment clause, which will allow him to pay absolutely no penalties for up to 15 days, despite our company paying the landlord in time.


  1. Full restructuring of a house, including conformity certificates for all installations and necessary materials = 20.000 £
  2. Monthly rent =1.500 £
  3. Restructuring length = 3 months
  4. At the end of the works, the rent management is due to GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC, during the mutually agreed contract until coverage of the entire amount is completed, in this case 20.000 £ ( including materials, workers, taxes, company’s expenses, engineers, projects, etc.), without any money being spent by the landlord.
  5. After this period and the full repayment of GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC contractual sum, the sole condition we require is to continue to manage the property and maintain its high standards for a number of years, mutually agreed through a contract, according to the landlord’s needs and expectations.


  1. The contract between GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC and the landlord will contain : the length of the restructuring, the length of the property management agreement in order to repay the contractor, the fully detailed cost of restructuring, details regarding the maintenance and interventions on our behalf, the cost of monthly rent agreed beforehand.
  2. At the end of the contract, the landlord will decide if GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC will continue to manage the property. If agreed on terms, a new contract will be drawn between parties.
  3. The contract between GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC and the tenants will be completed with the landlord’s agreement even if we are the ones that guarantee the monthly rent repayments as well as the overall full property management and maintenance.

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