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Range of services for flats/houses/office spaces/shops, etc... :
GENERAL CONSTRUCTION offers various kinds of services to homes and businesses, with qualified staff and strong industry expertise. All processes are carried out with maximum safety and compliance with the regulations. For years our customers entrust us rely on us for both our professionalism to work for competitive prices, and especially because the work is performed in a workmanlike manner in compliance with all regulations.

For the record, we describe below some of our services:

  •  Sanitary installations, water, drains, gas, heating, boilers, air conditioning and more for flats/houses/office spaces/shops etc.
  •  Electrical installations for flats/houses/office spaces/shops etc.
  •  Fitting of tiles, wooden floors, plinth, mosaics, marble, natural rock etc.
  •  Fitting of sand and cement undercoats, plaster, mortar etc.
  •  Indoor and outdoor bricklaying with all types of bricks
  •  Whitewashing, painting, Venetian stucco, wall decorations etc.
  •  Painting doors, windows, fences, rails, walls, ceilings, furniture, wooden floors etc.
  •  Ceilings and walls, consoles, gypsum plaster arches and furniture
  •  Arches, sinks, shower tubs, kitchen furniture, bricklaying furniture elements etc.
  •  Fitting indoor doors and security doors, windows etc.
  •  Taking apart indoor doors and security doors, windows etc.,including the transport and disposal of residual materials in designated disposal sites.
  •  Other demolitions, transporting and disposal of residual materials in designated disposal sites.
  •  Fitting, taking apart and transporting furniture for flats/houses/office spaces/shops etc.
  •  Taking apart, transporting and disposal of old furniture in designated disposal areas.
  •  Demolition of walls, tiles, cement undercoats, plaster, wooden floors, marble, ceilings, gypsum plaster walls etc.
  •   All types of indoor and outdoor insulations
  •  Polishing, smoothing, shining, waxing and other marble and wooden floor
  •  Full cleaning of flats/houses/office spaces/shops/construction sites etc.
  •  3D projects and drawings for interior design created by our experts.

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