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GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC has its own specialist team that does resin work both in London and Italy. We use only first class resin for your floors, walls and other finishing works which are guaranteed to last you for a very long time.
We have specialised in this type of works because we believe that it adds to the value of the environment of your house, shop, any commercial establishment from hotels to restaurants, from health clinics to gyms, from executive offices to other community areas. Resin works can change the entire look of any environment for the better.
This is a new product brought to London as we bring several new types o resin works to this market : fitting floors using resin, decorating ceilings, finishing walls to make them more aesthetically welcoming and visually outstanding for any commercial establishment.
Walls and floors that have gone through resin works gather a three dimensional colouring effect that can turn any environment into a profoundly unique space. Floors and walls that have gone through resin works are a personalised and versatile product. The ones that are done with a self-levelling resin of 3mm are adaptable for aesthetic remodelling that allows you to renew your old floors without taking them apart or remaking the entire surface.
refurbishment of houses London The thickness of the floor rises only by a couple of millimetres which allows you to keep all the old elements in their previous place. After the proper resin works, the entire space will be fully covered and showcase an outstandingly pleasant look. Floors, walls and ceilings that have gone through resin works can transform a home, a work environment or a public space.
These works are truly unique, the surfaces are smooth and shiny and that brings light and colour turning that environment into a classic elegant space that can not go unnoticed.
When fitting the resin, we can create a unique creative design style that can fully match our customer’s needs and taste.
Walls, floors and ceilings are fully personalised and the works are not invasive and quickly done which will add a high artistic and aesthetic value to the space that can incorporate writing or other graphic elements such as the company or various brands. Walking on resin floors is truly a pleasure, living or working in such an environment is truly unique. It can be fully personalised with various types of graphic elements and other requests to better showcase the personality of your company or its field of work.
Resin walls and floors are perfect for any type of commercial activity of any field as your customers will be amazed by the creativity and style that can be put into it. We are fully adaptable to any type of projects, according to your field of expertise, your target audience, your products and services as this type of works can be highly personalised.
Resin proves to be the ideal solution for showrooms, for design professionals, theatres, restaurants, bars and coffee shops, pubs and entertainment venues, gyms, beauty centres, TV stations and stores etc.
We are especially appealing to wellness and spa centres as this type of walls and floors matches their mission of beauty, health and wellbeing. We can create graphic images that remind you of water, sources of colour and relaxation that translate into wellbeing.

The wellness industry discovers the emotion of resin works, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for you clientele that will be surrounded by a welcoming and seductive environment.

There are several reasons why you should choose this type of floor:

refurbishment of houses London it increases the aesthetic value
refurbishment of houses London fast fitting
refurbishment of houses London high resistance to damage
refurbishment of houses London resistance to chemical products
refurbishment of houses London easy to take care of
refurbishment of houses London limits the amount of dust
refurbishment of houses London liquid and oil proof
refurbishment of houses London easy to clean (ideal for food processing establishments, restaurants and other places
that require constant cleaning)
refurbishment of houses London high chemical and mechanical resistance, the surface is flat with a slip resistant finishing
refurbishment of houses London infinite options in terms of colours and graphic elements
refurbishment of houses London long term guarantee, does not require special maintenance
refurbishment of houses London slip resistant surface
refurbishment of houses London resistant to scratches and marks
refurbishment of houses London fire proof
refurbishment of houses London a thin layer of resin does not increase the thickness of the floor
refurbishment of houses London water proof
refurbishment of houses London non-toxic
refurbishment of houses London resistant to compression, tearing, bending and pulling
refurbishment of houses London fully personalised
refurbishment of houses London does not crack
refurbishment of houses London resistant to collisions and accidental dropping of objects

The end result is truly fascinating and a plus for the entire environment.
Besides using the resins for floors, you can also form walls, shower cabins, kitchen surfaces, ceilings or can be used to create personalised walls. We are fully able to create infinite solutions of resin floor fittings, from classic to original and well known designs, from coloured and polished walls to decorated ceilings.

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