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Why us !

    We’re the only company in London that offers you the possibility to pay at the end of the project or even instalments .

    We provide high quality works for a great competitive price.

    We are one of the few London companies that not only provides a portfolio of finalised and ongoing works on our company’s website but also gives you the chance to actually interact with our former customers and ask them about our previous collaborations, deadlines, managing projects, customer service and the overall quality of our works. This is one of our many guarantees that we offer when you start a project with us.

    We are the only construction company in London that lists all of the prices for our services on precise categories online, on our website.

    We are the only construction company in London that uses a Category Cost Calculating Software that will help you get a personalised quote in a matter of minutes. By completing a form you will be able to find out a detailed summary of the costs for remodelling your flat/house/office space/shop.

    We are the only construction company in London that can use our Category Cost Calculating Software to offer you a even more detailed quotation in 24 to 48 hours if you need other works that were not specified in our initial form.

    We offer you a multilingual website that is complex, modern, fast, well organised and filled with a lot of useful information. Our website details all our services, details of our works, a full works category based price list and a photo gallery that can inspire you when restructuring your own space. .

    You can use one company for all your construction needs, from project management and 3D simulation to plumbing, electrical works, bricklaying, tiling, plastering, painting and decorating, wooden floor fittings and all other fittings and finishings.

    By using a sole contractor for all the works that are required when remodelling your flat/house/office space/shop, you can avoid the hustle of contacting several sub-contractors which can lead to confusion during the works and cause missed deadlines, technical errors or multiple sets of responsibilies lost between contractors.

    You will work directly with our Site Manager and our Project Management Expert. Our specialists will handle all the necessary paperwork and will make sure that our team’s performance rises to your highest expectations.

    We give you the chance to negociate the prices for multiple projects, with loyalty discounts varying from 5% to 20%.

    All works are based on a written contract that states the start of the project, the deadline, the total cost o the project, methods of payment, guarantees and penalties in case we are late in delivering the expected outcome.

    All additional works need to be discussed and negociated in terms of price in advance, before the project starts

    Full availability, even outside working hours, from Monday to Saturday.
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General Construction GC is your partner for all your interior design and interior restructuring needs for all types of buildings. Our young, dynamic and experienced team is ready to bring your projects to life in a professional way and the quality of our works is due to our modern technical systems that we employ in conformity with EU standards and regulations. We are able to restructure any type of building and we can fix any interior building issues, regardless if it’s a flat, office space, commercial space or company premises.
We need to emphasyse that from the beginning of each project, halfway through and until the completion of works, we treat all contracted deadlines with maximum priority.

General costruction Refurbishment & Interior Design
Our main objective is to meet our clients’ highest quality standards, regardless of the size, cost or length of the project.
Our ultimate goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers.
Our opportunities offer a maximum guarantee to all our customers, starting with the contracts that we sign before the beginning of each project, our methods of payment which are unique in London and the way we aproach and respect our contractual obligations in terms of costs and deadlines.
We offer customers the possibility of seing our ongoing and finalised project portfolio and we give them the chance to contact our former customers where they can get real life testimonials of our professionalism, our previous collaborations, deadlines, managing projects, customer service and the overall quality of our works.
Our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction.
We pride ourselves with our strong marketing strategy but our most important advertising tool always seems to be our previous satisfied customers that not only recommend us to the people they know but also help us day by day through their feedback in increasing the standards of our works.
Our satisfied customers are the main reason for our continuous expansion and development in the past years despite the worldwide economical crisis. This why we treasure their feedback and oppinions and we make sure they are always satisfied by keeping in touch even after the project is finalised.
In the past years, the ongoing European crisis has caused a decrease in costs for interior restructuring and we were quite flexible in this aspect.
Through these hard times, only the strongest companies could survive. Our ability to deliver high quality works for the lowest prices possible is the key to our professional success.

General costruction GC London
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