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Collaboration offer for privates, estate agencies and companies who are having several properties and are willing to restructurate them without paying

  1. Possibility of restructuring your properties without paying money; you can pay with one of your properties, no up-front money or during the restructuring period;

  2. This offer is a solution for those with several properties to be partially or totally restructured, and for various reasons are not able to do it.


  1. No need to invest your money in properties restructuring, in order to sell or rent them
  2. No need to waste your time supervising the work
  3. Italian quality and competitive prices.
  4. No need to worry for projects.
  5. No need to waste your time finding the right materials.
  6. You will increase your properties value and you will be able to sell or rent them for a better price.
  7. You decide on how to restructure your properties, which type of materials to be used, and our team will counsel your every step.
  8. We have a complete team of professionals ready to give you the best tips: architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, tillers, carpenters, plasterers, painters, marble specialists, floor specialists, furniture assembly specialists.
  9. You won’t have to sell your properties under the market price.
  10. After restructuration, you can choose if you want to rent or sell your properties, or we can arrange everything for you, after we sign a contract
  11. This is a good solution to restructure several properties without paying a pound and benefit of Italian quality and competitive prices.
  12. All the details will be settled through a legal contract.


  1. Interior restructuring for 8 houses.
  2. Total value of 8 houses restructuring is £ 240,000.00 pounds (all included).
  3. Total restructuring time: 6 months
  4. The market value for one house is £ 240,000.00 pounds.

GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC offer: one house becomes our property and it will represent the total fees for the restructuring of all 8 houses. The other 7 properties remain to the landlord or the estate agency. Being completely restructured, the properties will have a higher value when being sold or rented. and they gain value on the market.

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