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GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC - How much does it cost ? Full list prices
We are one of the best London interior fitting companies in terms of prices, quality and working deadlines for restructuring buildings. Our prices are fully detailed and you’ll get a quote in record time, with great prices and fixed deadlines.
We are one of the few companies that is transparent enough to publish the full list of prices on the website, structured on categories, detailed and extremely efficient and easy to use for our clients.
You can find quotes for all types of electrical and hydraulic installations, full refitting of the flat or house, remodelling of your bathroom, kitchen, painting etc. and we welcome the competition in attempting to match our prices and the quality of our works.
Besides all the prices you’ll find on our website you have the possibility to calculate the prices of any works through our Category Cost Calculating Software that will allow you to get an automated quote in 24 working hours just by filling in some information in a simple to use and interactive table.


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