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  • WARRANTY 100%

    We guarantee high quality works for a reasonable price.You will have full access to our project portofolio which will be available online on our website, both completed works and ongoing projects

    We are one of the few companies that gives you the chance to actually interact with our former customers and ask them about our previous collaborations, deadlines, managing projects, customer service and the overall quality of our works.

    We are the only construction company in London that lists all of the prices for our services on precise categories online, on our website

    We are the only construction company in London that uses a Category Cost Calculating Software that will help you get a personalised quote in a matter of minutes. By completing a form you will be able to find out a detailed summary of the costs for remodelling your flat/house/office space/shop.

    You can use one company for all your construction needs, from project management and 3D simulation to plumbing, electrical works, bricklaying, tiling, plastering, painting and decorating, wooden floor fittings and all other fittings and finishings.

    You will work directly with our Site Manager and our Project Management Expert. Our specialists will handle all the necessary paperwork and will make sure that our team’s performance rises to your highest expectations.
    We give you the chance to negociate the prices for multiple projects, with loyalty discounts varying from 5% to 20%.

    All works are based on a written contract that states the start of the project, the deadline, the total cost o the project, methods of payment, guarantees and penalties in case we are late in delivering the expected outcome.

    Full availability, even outside working hours, from Monday to Saturday. Please note that from the beginning of each project, halfway through and until the completion of works, we treat all contracted deadlines with maximum priority. Our main objective is to meet our clients’ highest quality standards, regardless of the size, cost or length of the project. Our ultimate goal is the complete satisfaction of our customers.
  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION GC: Why just one contractor?

 Our company is fully prepared to handle all types of interior restructuring projects and therefore has the ability of approaching and managing all works as a whole by sending in the specialised teams in a way that does not create confusion, incompatibilities, misunderstandings, unavailability or mismanagement for either side.

 This way, the works can be completed faster, for a better price and we can offer our high quality guarantee by always having a project manager by your side that you can use to enquire about all aspects of the project. Using solely one contractor that handles the responsibility for the outcome of the project you can avoid missed deadlines, bad finishing touches or malfunctions that can appear during works if they were to be executed by several subcontractors in the same construction site.

 There are some companies that focus solely on bricklaying or laying tiles, some companies do exclusively sanitary instalations, some do electrical instalations, others do only painting works ... if one contractor can do all these works at once, this comes as an advantage for customers in terms of price, short deadlines, good coordinated efforts between the company and the client and a maximum quality guarantee.

 Years ago we discovered some customers that were not well informed or due to financial reasons chose several subcontractors for restructuring their homes but in the end the prices varried, the deadlines shifted or the quality of the works was not as good as expected. This is due to subcontracting companies not being compatible, not communicating properly, not having good project management and overall failing the customer by not delivering the expected outcome. The customers can choose one specialised enterprise that can do all types of works for interior design and restructuring from the beginning to the end or can choose several subcontractors specialised on their own fields.

 Our previous story needs to demonstrate to interested customers that issues can and most likely will appear during the works and after the project is completed. If you need to restructure your home, your flat, your store or company premises, do not hesitate to contact our company as we have the skills, experience and professional capacity to complete your project.

 The countless negative experiences that we discovered in the past years show that lack of proper communication between specialised companies. We were succesful due to central project management and clear communication and due to that, our company has always turned profit on a yearly bases and is not about to stop here.

 One of our guarantees is the possibility to pay at the end of the project, with no money paid upfront. If you are not fully satisfied, you do not need pay for the works. However, if the customer should contact several specialised subcontractors, the need to pay upfront is stringent due to the shared set of responsibilities that appear during the interior restructuring of any site.

 Our opportunity is unique and the customers that will choose us will be fully satisfied. The choice is yours. We are waiting for interested customers, ready and willing to restructure their homes and if they should opt for quality, we guarantee it for a competitive price!

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